display advertising

display advertising

Project description
Module Six – Display Advertising

This module covers display advertising, one of the earliest digital advertising formats that have been in constant evolution. The module reviews the role and characteristics of display advertising and focuses on the latest advances, including online video advertising, native advertising, and content marketing, as well as programmatic buying and real-time bidding.


Understand the various formats of display advertising.
Able to design native advertising and content marketing.
Informed of targeting methods and programmatic buying basics.

The lecture introduces various types of display advertising and compares their strengths and weaknesses, reviews the development of native advertising and associated issues, and covers the trends in real-time bidding and programmatic buying.


1 Display Ad and Me (250 words)

For this essay, please recall a recent experience you had with a display ad of any type, in which you (1) viewed the ad in its entirety, (2) thought about the meaning of the ad and its advertised product, and (3) intended or did not intend to buy the advertised product then or later. Then, please identify and analyze the factors that affected your response to the ad.

2 Reflection (500 words)

For this reflection, please synthesize the lecture and readings to identify three of the most important trends in display advertising that you believe will continue in the next few years and then explain the reasons you believe so. Cite the lecture or readings where appropriate.

3 Display Ad Design (750 words)

For this project, you will design three mock-up display ads for your chosen brand. First, you should come up with a big idea for the ads, in light of the consumer insight of your chosen brand. The big idea is the creative strategy what to say in the ad. Next, select three ad types you like from the IAB Display Advertising Guidelines (http://www.iab.net/guidelines/508676/508767/displayguidelines). The ad types must be IAB standard ad types. And finally, use any graphic design software you are familiar with to make the mock-up ads.

Your project report should include the following:

The big idea for the ads and why it may work for the target audience.
Three finished mock-up ads.
Beneath each ad, the specifics of the ad, including the IAB official type name, initial dimensions in pixels, and ad type family (For example, ad type Filmstrip belongs to the Digital Video Raising Stars family).
Any inspirations or difficulties that you encountered in this project.

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