Disney: Understanding Gender Role Socialization

Disney: Understanding Gender Role Socialization

Disney Alternative Observational Paper: Understanding Gender Role Socialization
Assignment Due February 20 (Feb. 27) for those in attendance on 1/23 : In class and online

If you should choose this option note that most of the movies must be Disney. This is because Disney strictly produces films age appropriate for the younger crowd; is

pervasive in popular culture; and demonstrates consistency in their films.


Format: This assignment should be 3.5 pages at the least to 8 pages at most. Paper should be done in 12-point font, double-spaced, have a title page, and include a

reference page if you cited the textbook or other sources.  In-text citations should be in APA format. NOTE- The title page does not count towards the page limit.

***NOTE*** INTERPRETATIONS OF OBSERVATIONS NEED TO BE INCLUDED IN YOUR OBSERVATION PARAGRAPHS.  This differs from the toy paper because the toy paper requires much

more experiential observation.

1. Introduction: Here briefly introduce the movie titles and/or characters you will be choosing and your reason for choosing them. Discuss why you think movies are

important to observe when we are talking about gender role socialization. Introduce what your paper will be about.

2. Movie Observations for Boys: Here, you will need to discuss the overall themes you found in your movies/or characters that are informing boys about gender roles and

societal expectations. In addition to identifying themes, describe 3-5 movies and/or characters in detail and how their attributes or actions inform boys of societal

expectations. Be descriptive as possible, but not redundant.  I should be able to read these sections and say, “that’s interesting. I’ve never thought about that.”

Here are some questions to help guide your paper:

-What do the characters look like?
-What do the antagonists look like? (this demonstrates societal expectations as well)
-What are the themes?
-What are their attributes?
-What is Disney telling boys to do or become?
-Anything you can think of that is interesting.

3. Movie Observation for Girls:

Refer to description of Movie Observations for Boys

Interpretation in each section: This can be done within each paragraph after discussing your observations (preferably), or you can write it at the end of your paper,

your choice. Here is where you will interpret your observations and social interaction. What are the implications of what you found? How do we as a society inform

children of societal expectations according to your movie observations? Feel free to use personal experience in your interpretation. Include terminology used in the

book when possible. Incorporate your readings when possible.
4. Extraneous Observations. Here discuss anything else you noticed that you have not mentioned already. Is there a particular character or movie from Disney that does

not follow the themes mentioned earlier? Other than gender roles, are there other things that Disney informs children about (could be anything, family, family roles,

death, wealth, etc.). There are so many. Discuss what children learn from Disney regarding the issues you discuss.

Grading: 75 possible points total
Section    Points    Criteria
Introduction    10    -Contains clear and concise introductions of movies/characters that will be discussed
-Discusses the importance of observation
-Ideas are well organized

Movie Observation for Boys    25    -Is elaborate and attentive to detail in observations
-Ideas are well organized and concise
-Describes 3-5 examples of gender categories of toys
– Is informative of the experience
-Interpretation of findings is thoughtful
Movie Observation for girls    25    -Is elaborate and attentive to detail in observations
-Ideas are well organized and concise
-Describes 3-5 examples of gender categories of toys
– Is informative of the experience
-Interpretation of findings is thoughtful
Extraneous Observations    10    -Discusses other socialization themes
-Interpretation is thoughtful
-Content is unique and interesting
Formatting is followed    5    Student follows mentioned format


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