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Note for the writer: When answering or responding to discussion questions, be sure to write in your own words compelling arguments and cite brief references other than the textbooks, where appropriate. Also, be sure to consistently establish a linkage between the material beings discussed, work related experiences, or individual research. Most importantly, be specific in your response. No short answers allowed and use proper spelling and grammar in all responses within the discussion forums. One reference for each answers at least.
Another Note for the writer; It is discussions not an essay, so, Please be sure to do not write an essay and just answer the questions.
and the book is;
Human Relations for Career etc Edition: 10th
ISBN: 9780132974400

1) Shortly after Carol Bartz, IT executive and age sixty, was appointed as the new CEO of Yahoo! Inc, she made the following comments: “Let’s give Yahoo! some frigging breathing room…and we are going to focus on really getting outward looking and kick some butt.”

What is your evaluation of this type of personal communication style for an Internet company executive? How does this message affect the emotions and attitudes within the organizations?
2) From your experience, describe a situation in which a conflict was functional. Next, describe another example where the conflict was dysfunctional. Then, identify the crucial elements that made one functional and the other dysfunctional. As a leader, what do you think is your responsibility when it comes to functional and dysfunctional conflicts?

3) Why does knowledge lead to creativity? Ask an experienced professional how important creative thinking has been to his or her career. How does your creativity techniques compare to the professionals?
4) The top CEOs from the Fortune 500 companies have earned their collegiate degrees. Why do you think that completing your collegiate degree is crucial to your professional advancement. Reflect for a moment and describe your plan to advance in your particular career by utilizing the knowledge you have acquired while taking collegiate courses?

5) Ask a successful person what does he or she thinks are the two most important reasons for getting along with coworkers and managers? Compare and contrast your findings with your own reasons for getting along with them.
6) Identify and describe the signs of stress? What are some strategies for releasing stress and maintain our sanity in the workplace? How can stress impact our role as managers in the upward, horizontal, and downward chain of command?

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