Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions
Assignment: WK 2 Discussion Questions

To assess your ability to prepare for the class discussion on the concepts in this week’s readings.

Action Items
1. BEFORE you come to class,

1. Read Chapters 5 – 7 in Business Essentials.

2.DURING the class session, you will be discussing the following discussion questions in Chapters 5-7 of your textbook:

What specific types of contingency plan would a company need to develop in an area where hurricanes are common?

1. Review 5-4
What is corporate culture? How is it formed? How is it sustained?

2. Review 6-4

Why do some manager have difficulties in delegating authority? Of these reasons, which do you think would be the most significant issue for you?

3. Analysis 7-8
If you were a member of a quality improvement team at your college, what would be five specific high-impact recommendations that you would support

4. Write a 1-2 page summary of the discussion questions within 48 hours of the scheduled class session.
Discussion Assignment Rubric

Total 30 points

Addresses all the required items in the assignment
Addresses and develops all the required items in the assignment and demonstrates solid ability to accomplish the assignment.

Synthesizes relevant information and materials to provide evidence of critical thought
Consistently and effectively synthesizes information, which provides strong support for main ideas.

Develops ideas with clarity and logic
Consistently develops ideas with clarity and logic. Ideas flow smoothly from one to another and are clearly linked to each other.

Uses concrete language
Consistently uses proper terminology and provides specific examples to support ideas.

Considered holistically, demonstrates the ability to write at the graduate level
Considered holistically, the student demonstrates a proficient ability to write at the graduate level.

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