Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions
Instruction: Please answer the following two questions in an essay form using the clear instructions provided bellow. I also provided you with the reference links needed. Please limit your introduction and go straight explaining and answering the questions in two separate sections.
For example:
A: explain, answer and discuss satisfactorily about the Health Grade in one section than.

B: explain, answer and discuss satisfactorily about the Institute of Medicine (IOM) website implications.
My specialization is Nurse Practitioner:

Discussion Question one:

Since the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report, there have been many opportunities to look at quality and errors within health care. Health Grades is an organized system devoted to looking at some of this data.
Look at their most current report and review the content. Identify at least two major issues described in the report and discuss the implications to the Advanced Practice Nurse (APN).


Discussion Question two:

Look at the Institute of Medicine (IOM) website and click on the tab for reports. Use the search feature and look for reports and studies involved in ethics. Describe the details of the study and what it represents. What are the implications of this work for the Advanced Practice Nurse (APN? Use the ANA Code of Ethics and reflect on whether the statements in the code are included in some form in the report or study.

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