Discussion of the three categories of counterintelligence

Discussion of the three categories of counterintelligence

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Discuss how each of the Three Categories of Counterintelligence
1) Collective counterintelligence
2) Defensive counterintelligence
3) Offensive counterintelligence
can be used strategically by governments and corporations to protect against cyberterrorism. Discuss the effectiveness of these techniques in preventing, deterring,
defeating, or manipulating the adversary from conducting intelligence operations. Provide examples and case studies to support arguments.

Make sure that the arguments are based on analysis and assessment and not only description/personal opinion. Opinions must be backed up with correctly peer-reviews
evidence and sources.

Aim to include 2 or 3 references in each paragraph in the body of the essay.

Blogs, internet opinion pieces, and Wikipedia articles are not classed as acceptable referencing materials. Direct quotes must be used sparingly.

Word count includes footnotes but does NOT include the title page, cover page, or bibliography. Font size should be 12 point with 1.5 line spacing.

Ensure there is no issue on plagiarism as it will be checked through plagiarism software once I submit the essay.


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