Discussion and Report on Current Debates in Communication Regulation

Discussion and Report on Current Debates in Communication Regulation

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Criteria: Coordination of a shared perspective for the debate Clarity and substantiation of perspective
Analytical and evaluative capacity in the Report Understanding of the issues at stake
Further In Week 6 students discuss two recent inquiries into communication regulation in information: Australia:theFinkelsteinInquiryandtheConvergenceReview.Followinganin-class
discussion students write a report investigating the debates, focusing on one of the inquiries. The Report should analyse the inquiry, its findings and the wider public debate that it generated, drawing on at least two submissions submitted by organisations. Materials from the two inquries are loaded onto UTSOnline. Full documentation, including submissions, are archived online at:
https://web.archive.org/ web/ 20120504001219/ http://www.dbcde.gov.au/ digital_economy/ convergence_review
Please note this takes you to an archive of the original site for the ‘Convergence Review’.






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