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1. Theory Paper. Also cite any outside resources used in this post. find a video of a social worker using Cognitive and/or Behavioral interventions with a client, similar to the first of the videos listed in this week’s series of videos.
2. Together, post a working link of the video to the discussion forum, and write a critique outlining the skills observed and how the therapist is using theory to guide the intervention. Only one member of the dyad needs to post, but both partners should work together to write the post. This critique is a joint effort and should be between 400-500 words in length.

1. identify and describe the population that you are selecting for your major assignments (Social Work Practice Theory Paper, Social Work Practice Intervention Paper, Case Summary, and Case Presentation Video Role-Play).
2. Briefly describe a theory that guides practice with this population and what research says to support why/how that theory applies to the population.
• Walsh, J. (2014). Theories for direct social work practice. Belmont, CA: Thomson/Brooks-Cole..) After viewing the videos for this week, reflect on the different types of therapies utilized. Using specific references from your textbook as well the videos (citing as appropriate), discuss the differences in how each type approaches similar problems. Which therapeutic approach do you believe to be the most effective and why?
• Walsh, J. (2014). Theories for direct social work practice. Belmont, CA: Thomson/Brooks-Cole.
o Chapter 3: Psychodynamic Theories I: Ego Psychology
o Chapter 4: Psychodynamic Theories II: Object Relations Theory
• Restek-Petrovic, B., Bogovic, A., Oreškovic-Krezler, N., Grah, M., Mihanovic, M., & Ivezic, E. (2014). The perceived importance of Yalom’s therapeutic factors in psychodynamic group psychotherapy for patients with psychosis. Group Analysis, 47(4), 456-471. doi:10.1177/0533316414554160
• One Case, Two Formulations: Psychodynamic and CBT Perspectives [35:16]
• CBT Role-Play – Behavioral Activation and Depression [18:58]

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