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300 words.

Check the file that is loaded, for the APA citation the professor keep taking point off because of some mistakes here is my citation and here is her notes.

Carol M. Lehman, D. D. (2014). Business Communication. Boston: Cengage Learning.

Need to include the names of all authors in the reference, in last name, first initials order. Citations good, but also must include page number.

Discussion #3
Before accessing the discussion or posting your thread and/or responding to others, please review the Discussion Board Rubric below.
Discussion Board Rubric
Derived from Berg, S.L., 2005
Maximum # Points Dimension Score
6 You will receive 2 points (to a maximum of 6) for each day you participate in the weekly discussion.
6 You will receive 3 points (to a maximum of 6) for each response to a fellow classmate
6 You will receive 3 points (to a maximum of 6) for citing relevant information from your BCOM textbook and providing appropriate references using correct APA format.
7 You will receive up to 7 points for the overall quality of your responses. (See note in syllabus about length and content requirements.) No quality points will be awarded to students who do not participate a minimum of three days.
As you write reports that are based on research, you must rely on the conclusions drawn by others who have collected data and publish the results. It is important that you be able to evaluate the validity of these conclusions.
First, read Chapter 9 in your BCOM textbook. Then, find an in-depth online article from a major newspaper that reports on a research study that you believe makes errors in data interpretation. (Choose an article that is at least 500 or more words long.) Make sure you choose an article that reports on a research study and not something which is a commentary or opinion. Note: The best way to find such articles is to scan through online newspapers rather than searching the college databases.
Also, note that CNN.com, Foxnew.com, MSNBC.com, and such are NOT newspapers, and articles from them do not qualify for this assignment!!!
Then, based on information provided by your textbook, complete the following in your original posting. Please number your responses:
1. Include a link to the article you have chosen to evaluate.
2. Describe the research that was conducted and the conclusions that were drawn.
3. Identify at least two data interpretation errors that you believe that the researchers made in drawing conclusions from their research. Support your answer with citations from your textbook.
Before you respond, make sure you do the following:
• Read the Discussion Board Rubric, relevant sections in BCOM, COM Recommended Deductions for Grammatical Errors, and COM 320 Written Deliverables Expectations.
• Make sure you follow the guidelines in the rubric, including properly formatted APA references at the bottom of your initial posting for both BCOM and other information you referenced.
• Reply to two of your classmates’ postings. Comment as you would in a face-to-face setting. Compliment or critique your classmates’ postings.
• Participate in the discussion board on three different days during the week.
Note: Please make sure you post your response to one of the questions as a message, NOT as a Word document attachment!
Don’t forget that the syllabus specifies that, “Your initial responses to the questions asked in a discussion should be roughly 300 words in length. The responses should be similar to journal entries that relate the course material to one of your own personal experiences. They should be insightful and relevant. DO NOT SIMPLY SUMMARIZE THE MATERIAL IN THE CHAPTER. Also, make sure you cite the information properly. Use the opportunity to relate the information to a current event, or challenge something the author says. In order to receive full credit, your entries must be insightful, appropriate, productive, on time, properly formatted, the proper length, and relevant to the topic.”

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