Discussion 1: Mobile First

Discussion 1: Mobile First
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Mobile First Recap:
Due to the small real estate space of mobile phone screens content should focus on what is absolutely necessary to accomplish the user’s goal. The user does not want to be overwhelmed with extra features or too many options. This idea has led to the concept called Mobile First, meaning that web sites should be designed first for mobile devices including only task/items that visitors use most. Then, as the screen real estate increases, additional tasks and features can be added based on priority.
Tips for keeping it simple:
1. Design for context
2. Make the application quick to launch
3. Save the state so the user can pick up where they left off
4. Display interface components on demand rather than crowding the display
5. Give simplified error messages
6. Use the principles of design effectively to guide the user through the content
For this discussion provide two screenshots (one mobile and one web) for a brand. List three differences you see between these different platforms.
Examples: Chipotle Mexican Grill online ordering form or Netflix movie queue, etc.
* Note: You may NOT use an example that another student has already posted to the discussion board.
* Tip: customize your screenshot by pressing Cmmd + Shift + 4 as Cmmd + Shift + 3 captures your full screen

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