Discursive essay

The Topic:At a molecular, cellular and tissue level compare and contrast the impact of prostate and breast

cancer on the skeleton

Word count
1. Essays should be 1500 words +/- 10% in length.
2. The word count excludes references, tables and figure legends.
3. All figures and tables should be produced by yourself either electronically or by hand to show a

greater understanding of the content.
4. Work not adhering to the word count will be marked down as per the criteria.

Please use the Harvard style for referencing.

Additional Information
The reading should be based in the primary literature rather than textbooks for most answers. It

may be appropriate for histopathology answers to consult and cite relevant professional textbooks

as source and you should consult individual lecturers on what may be considered an appropriate

peer-reviewed source. You should therefore perform a literature search on Pubmed or other

scientific search engine to collect reviews and papers relating to the topic.

1. You will need to read at least 20 papers to gain an adequate understanding of the area.

2. Don’t use web-sites as citations. Be as up to date as possible

3. Have a logical structure to your essay. It should have a clear introduction that presents the

area, followed by an analysis of the major scientific elements relating to the question and a


4. Produce your own figures, legends and table explaining the figure’s relevance.

5. Critical analysing the data presented.

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