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Using the Discourse Analysis approach as outlined in documents, compare and contrast the media representations of the chosen subject: Renewable energy in Australia – Wind Farm Controversy.

You may use 8-10 texts(e.g. 8 – 10 paragraphs)
from any of the following media sources:
• The Guardian
• Twitter
• Courier Mail
• Brisbane Times
• ABC.net

Be clear that you are analysing media representations and
not conducting an analysis of actual individuals or their actions or words.
This is a micro-analysis of the language and should not, therefore, focus predominantly on the visual components of your texts.

You must contextualise your Discourse Analysis. Consider the impact of the medium of the texts and consider the socio-historical context in which the topic or event is situated. As this is a research assignment, you will be expected to read much more widely than the pieces provided. Therefore, even though you are analyzing texts from the above sources, you will need to read and research other peer-reviewed literature sources, media sources, blogs and vlogs to gain a deeper sense of the topic and how the media represents it.

Find extra supporting material in books and journal articles on examples of Discourse Analysis and background information on media, media representations of occurrences in the media.

You are expected to refer to at least six extra references not including any set
readings for this.

The assignment should be presented as an ESSAY,
with an introduction,
and conclusion (do NOT label these sections).

All texts analysed should be photocopied or downloaded as appendices.

You must include a bibliography.

Your work will be assessed on the basis of the following criteria:
1. Your understanding of the topic or event and its interest to the media.
(5 marks)
2. Your understanding of Discourse Analysis as presented in the documents. (6 marks)
3. Your ability to use Discourse Analysis meaningfully (linking language
analysis to context, medium etc.). (5 marks)
4. Evidence of research, its appropriateness, and its incorporation
into the analysis (including media theory, media event theory, media
discourse, discourse Analysis). (5 marks)
5. Style, structure and presentation including grammar, syntax,
spelling, punctuation, logical development, APA referencing.
(4 marks)

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