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1. This disaster received a Presidential Emergency Declaration under the Stafford Act. Should the Shuttle Columbia disaster have received a Major Disaster Declaration? Why or why not?

2. This disaster occurred more than two years before Hurricane Katrina. Do you feel that the Department of Homeland Security acted effectively in responding to Shuttle Columbia event? Why or why not?

3. List and describe at least three (3) ways the response to the Shuttle Columbia disaster was unique and different from other disasters we have discussed in class. List and discuss three (3) similarities to other disasters

. 4. Do you feel that FEMA’s decision to release a fact sheet for the public detailing the methods by which they should approach and report shuttle debris was a wise one? What purpose did it fulfill? Was its release timely? Why or why not?


–. The Portsmouth, New Hampshire Fire of 1802 was important for all of the following EXCEPT: a. It is credited as being the first example of US Government assistance following a disaster. b. It is credited as the first time that fireboats were used to suppress a harbor fire. c. It (and subsequent fires) resulted in changes to building codes that required brick and mortar construction in downtown areas. d. The offer of federal assistance occurred when compassion coincided with federal interest

. 2. Under the Incident Command System (ICS), transfer of command may take place for any of the following reasons EXCEPT: a. A jurisdiction or agency is legally required to take command. b. The incident changes in complexity. c. A more senior but less qualified person arrives on scene. d. The current Incident Commander needs to rest please

3. After the Suffolk Tornadoes (April, 2008) Virginia did not request a Major Disaster Declaration despite the extensive damage (more than 1,200 home affected with more than 140 destroyed). What factor made receiving a federal disaster declaration highly unlikely?
a. Suffolk had received too many disaster declarations in the previous 5 years.
b. Most of the damages were insured.
c. Most of the homes destroyed or damaged were rental properties.
d. The dollar amount of the damages fell below Virginia’s threshold.

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