Digital Economic

Digital Economic

All two questions below should be answered from the perspective of the following cases study organizations:

H & M –
Thomson –

Pricing (for information only)
Requirements (What do I need to know)
Main topic areas:
? Differences between on-line and off-line pricing; relationship between two channels
? Types of pricing e.g. dynamic, buyer / seller negotiation, NYOP, auctions
? Perfect Competition ( frictionless e-commerce)
? Price Dispersion
? Price Discrimination, including how organisations collect information
? Price Comparison Sites
? Customer perception

Question 1

1. Explain why initial internet commentators believed that on-line retailing would lead to perfect competition and discuss why this has not happened.
2. Using both case studies to illustrate key points, discuss the main pricing issues that have arisen as a result of e-commerce.
3. Using both case studies, discuss the principles of perfect competition and price discrimination.
4. Using the both case studies to illustrate key points, discuss:
a) why initial commentator ideas regarding frictionless e-commerce have not come to fruition
b) How price discrimination can be achieved in an online environment

Digital / E-marketing (for information only)
Requirements (What do I need to know)
? definitions of marketing, marketing mix
? Search engine optimisation
? How internet / mobile has impacted on each ā€œpā€ ( need examples specific to case ā€“ a few well developed points better than a mere list)
? Globalisation / culture issues
? Remember not to get too carried away with pricing ( especially if you have already answered a pricing question)
? Relationship between online and offline channels
? Benefits for organisations / consumers
? How could the website be improved?

Question 2

1. Evaluate the impact e-business activities may have on their marketing mix
2. Using examples from both case study organisations, compare and contrast how the internet / mobile communications has impacted upon the traditional marketing mix.
3. Utilising both case studies as a basis for discussion analyse how digital technologies (internet and mobile) have impacted upon the marketing mix.

Note: Please answer two questions and inform me if answers need more pages to pay for that and to avoid any late for delivery.

Referencing Requirements:
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