Different types of power explored in Macbeth

Different types of power explored in Macbeth

the post has three asighnments

1;Different types of power explored in Macbeth

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Answering the question: “Shakespeare explores different types of power in the play Macbeth”, to what extent do you agree?

Talk about Physical, Verbal, Psychological and Gender powers. Refer to the supernatural.

Always refer to the context of the play (Elizabethan or Jacobean society).

Write in structure; point, evidence (quote), exploration (including contextual), and link to the question and point.

Make references of the whole play, and use the key / most significant scenes.

Include an introduction and a conclusion.

Leave the quotes in old English.

2; an experience for two years in retail convenient store, and now its time to move on and setup my own business

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Executive Summary
? Introduction / background / objectives of the store
? Market research and analysis
? Excel based Implementation plan consisting of a two years, sales projection along with stock and pricing detail

3; Internet as an Influencer of Internal/External Exchange Decisions

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The Mission:
• write a theory based conceptual “conference paper” , 10 – 12 pages long discussing how internet and digital technologies are affecting internal/ external exchange decisions both on household and firm levels by influencing each of the key constructs in Lusch ,Brown, and Brunswick ‘s 1992 article “A General Framework for Explaining Internal vs External Exchange” giving examples .
• Update the authors’ schema by integrating internet/digital technologies into the model.
The paper needs to have a literature review section , needs to be tied to a few related theories of marketing , consumer behavior , etc. citing related articles and researches around the topic , finalize wit a conclusion and academic and managerial contributions sections.
Any additional contributions are welcome , attached is just an outline , please feel free to revise anything that will support/improve the intentions of the paper .

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