Different types of groups within human systems

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1. Discuss and elaborate on three different types of groups within human systems as it relates to family guidance, family counseling, and the role of the Human Service Professional within these groups. Additionally, define the stages of group development and an example of each.

2. How does cultural diversity impact the work of the Human Service Professional? Additionally, select three areas within the areas of cultural diversity, and elaborate on how they have impacted your personal life, career, etc (how and why). Assume that you are a PhD student in Human Services.

3. Analyze and give your interpretation of four policies and or laws applicable to the work of the Human Service Professional. Have any impacted your professional work? Explain how they have or have not (how and why). For the part of the personal observation (assume you have one year experience as a psychotherapy, so you can use policies in the Mental Health field, like dual relationships or anything you find). Focus more on the 4 polices and little about the personal observation. Always, assume you are PhD in Human Services for your opinion.

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