Diagnostic Review Report

Diagnostic Review Report

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Diagnostic Report

The first part of the assignment consists of a diagnostic review of an organisational problem or issue and is due to be submitted by 3rd November 2015. The purpose of this first stage of the coursework is to:
• provide a clear and detailed description of the organisational context

• identify an area(s) of HRM, relevant to a specific organisational context, which it would interest you to study in greater depth, explaining why this is important for the organisation
• identify the likely sources of information and literature relating to this topic, through a preliminary review of the relevant literature
• highlight the key questions you would like to explore relating to that topic area, and in this process set the objectives for your final report

It is not a requirement to gather primary data in the organisation. However, if you are basing your work in a real organisation, in the process of deciding your topic you may be discussing current issues with people in your organisation. If this is the case, you should be aware that if you are gathering information from any organisation your approach should be governed by the same concern for the ethics of the research process as is expected from any larger piece of research. The University Code of Research Ethics and Governance, available at
http://www2.napier.ac.uk/depts/research/research_office.html covers the issues in some detail. However, the most important principle is to protect the interests of those people who are the subjects of the information, or who may be affected by such information. They have a right to privacy, not to be misrepresented, and not to be harmed as a result of being researched. If you have any questions about this, please discuss them with the module leader.

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