Diabetes and the Foot

Diabetes and the Foot

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Evaluate care for a person with an acute or chronic diabetic foot problem, detail clinical presentation and discuss, assessment, diagnosis, classification and treatment choices. Assess the need for medical and/or pharmacological management, justify your decisions using current guidelines, recommendations and literature. Further consider the rule of the multidisciplinary foot team and discuss referral at the most appropriate stage of each intervention.

The assignment format should be as following:
1. Case overview (case history, main complain, examination, drug history, etc).
2. Brief introduction about diabetes and its complications, mainly diabetic foot.
3. Risk factors for diabetic food complications (neuropathy, ischemia, infection, trauma, poor glycemic control, etc)
4. How to assess the diabetic foot.
A. Neuropathic assessment
B. vascular assessment (Fontaine classification)
C. Structural assessment (deformities and charcot’s arthropathy).
D. Infection assessment(wound classification systems).
5. Management of foot ulcer
A. Treatment of infection (superficial and deep)
B. local wound care (debridement, dressing)
C. Off-loading
D. Other treatment.

use the following references amongst the other references.
1. National institute for health and clinical excellence guidance (NICE)
2. United Kingdom prospective diabetes study (UKPDS)
3. Diabetes control and complications trial (DCCT)

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