Developing New Business opportunities



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Critically assess the validity of the following statement using peered reviewed academic journals in relation to the mobilization of entrepreneurial business opportunities. • According to Ostgaard and Birley (1994:281) “the personal network of the owner-manager is the most important resource upon which he or she can draw”. The assignment will be completed individually in an essay format and will be approximately 2200 words in length. This essay is due on the 9th of November 2017 (Week 8) before Midnight and is worth 50% of your grade for this semester for the module. A key aspect of this essay will be to ability to critically assess the extant literature and apply it appropriately in order to answer the question. Therefore, in this essay you will be required to discuss and demonstrate the following; – Theoretical foundations of entrepreneurial alertness – Effective synthesis and analysis of peer-reviewed academic journals – Critical evaluation of the origins of opportunities – Extent of appropriate reading covered


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