Developing & implementing afterschool success program to 4th – 6th graders

Cross culuture Psychology, 1 year assignment to develop & implement
afterschool success program to 4th – 6th graders

You are being asked to imagine that you have just accepted a 1-year assignment to Develop & Implement an
after school success program fro 4th – 6th graders (main point)
Give leadership and direction to the monthly Parent/Teacher Association Meetings
School location is in an urban environment and has a substantial immigrant population present
Apply your knowledge of key concepts and ideas
Based on your knowledge of the cultural factors addressed by Cross-Cultural Psychology, your essay should
address the following:
a) how you would prepare yourself to start the position;
b) the questions and issues that you intend to raise with your direct supervisor;
c) what you would deem as essential program components for the success of your afterschool program;

  • d) your strategy for working with the parents.
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