Developing a Conceptual or Theoretical Framework

Discussion 1:
Read “Developing a Theoretical Framework” and view the “Developing a Conceptual or Theoretical Framework” tutorial. (Its listed is the doc attached)
Every dissertation needs to have a theoretical foundation or a conceptual framework (or both) that is discussed in the literature review section. The theoretical framework will be the lens through which you evaluate your research problem and research questions. A theoretical framework is typically required for quantitative studies, while a conceptual framework is used in qualitative studies. Yet, both theoretical and conceptual frameworks can be used for either quantitative or qualitative studies.

Write a 250 word response to the following:
• State a theory and or concept that would be applicable to your research, and explain how that theory or concept would frame your research.

Discussion 2:
Write a 150- to 200-word response to the following:
• Consider the significance or importance of your study: why the study is a unique approach to the problem to be investigated, potential benefit/benefactors from the proposed study, and the ways in which the study results might make an original contribution to the field.

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