Develop A Marketing Plan

Develop A Marketing Plan

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complete Assessment 1 thoroughly (marketing plan)…you do not need to add extra content to fill pages, just relevant, precise information for the marketing plan.
Complete all questions in assessment 1 from 1.1 – 1.9…. I will need to get these questions marked before you complete 1.10. Please use the checklist from mkg students document to complete these questions thorough. Please do not miss any parts.

When you have completed questions 1.1-1.9 on assessment 1, please provide a PowerPoint presentation to support the presentation I have to perform which covers the main points in simple form.

(Personal Development Plan) and CV

Project description
1) PDP Your PDP as a document in general is fine. However, this is a document which requires specific examples in it. The aim of the PDP is to record specific examples of tasks undertaken, matched to relevant skills, so that your CV and job applications and interviews will benefit. So, in the Success Criteria column, you need at least one specific example for each skill i.e. Teamwork – Achievement of team goals – what were these? Written communication – Being able to prepare reports on an assigned task – can you give examples of specific tasks that required excellent written communication skills?and so on for each skill
The PDP is supposed to feed into your CV. However, it does not. Your CV needs a lot of changes to it. For me, as a Careers Adviser, it is an incredibly important document and vital to this course. So, my comments are:
Profile This is too long. A profile outlines your USP (ultimate selling point) with specific examples. Your profile is a mix of generic statements with some mention of your languages and internships. A profile is between 4-5 lines long or 2-3 bullet points
Experience It is entirely up to you if you start with this above your Education section. I would:
Place the job title under the date/employer
Change the bullet points as they stand, the bullet points are too short and do not say anything. As mentioned above, the PDP for your internship, for example, would provide evidence to go into your CV, but you need to add specific examples to your PDP. A good bullet point includes a task you undertook, the skill required to undertake this task and something quantifiable to back your statement up I.e.what were your targets as a street fundraiser? How did you retain customers at Casting Dynamics?, etc
3. You use different fonts in your CV. The layout of a CV is just as important as the content. Your font for Casting Dynamics is different form your first 2 job roles, plus your bullet points should all be plain or bold (I would suggest plain as you dont want too much bold on a CV). Also the gaps between sections are inconsistent: The gap before your Education section is too big, whereas you have no gap before your Languages section

4. Your skills section should be deleted. These skills should be incorporated into your Experience section with quantifiable information 9see above comments)

5. Education Your London Met degree course is in plain text, but the Hult course is not. This is about consistency again

6. Your Projects and Voluntary sections could have more specific detail. You could also do with an Interests section (if you have any)

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