Determinants of health and access to healthcare reflection

Now that you know more about the social and structural determinants of health and the differences between primary and universal healthcare, think about your own life. This is a reflection assignment which means your classmates will not see your responses. I know it can be uncomfortable to reflect on our own lived experiences sometimes. Please email me if you would like to talk more about this assignment and any feeling that may come up.

Explain how health care was viewed in your household growing up and how this might influence your own views of healthcare today. For example, did you and your parents/guardians go to the doctor for regular wellness exams or did you only go when you were sick?
Identify a social determinant of health in your own life and explain whether it was beneficial to you or a barrier to accessing healthcare. For example, if we think of one social determinant being the areas in which we live, if you grew up in a big city you might have had more access to healthcare and specialists compared to someone who grew up in a more rural area.
Were you aware of the role this social determinant played in your own life before we covered it in this class?

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