Despair- Vladimir Nabokov

Despair- Vladimir Nabokov

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Nabokov’s Despair is a novel written from the criminal’s point of view. What, in your opinion, are advantages and disadvantages of the first-person narrative in crime fiction? Please analyze how Nabokov capitalizes on the strengths of this particular method of narration to maintain suspense. Feel free to compare to the movie



Immigrant workers in hospitality industry in the next 10 yrs

HM410 Current and Emerging Issues in Hospitality and Tourism

Final Paper/Oral Presentation Requirements
Professor Nancy Aldrich

1. PAPER DUE DATE: December 4, 2014. This course requires a 4 page research paper and oral presentation based on a controversial hospitality topic which you would like to explore further through research within your future career choice. This final project is worth 40% of your final grade. Late papers will be graded down 2 points for every day the paper is late. Papers will not be accepted after December 9, 2014 and you will receive a 0 for this portion of your grade.

2. PAPER TOPIC: This paper should include a theme and a thesis in the first paragraph and you should be arguing the pros and cons of the subject matter throughout the paper. Please apply any concepts that we have discussed in class as I will be looking for that in your paper. An explanation of a theme and a thesis are as follows;

Theme: The theme is the subject or topic. It is not necessarily the title, and is
usually not expressed in a complete sentence. It expresses the general subject
matter of the paper. Thesis: The thesis is your belief about something
importance the proposition in which you intend to prove. Please express the
thesis one sentence after the theme. Remember, it is often the “tension”
which exists in the paper about the subject matter.

EXAMPLES; Theme: The effects of fast food on our culture; Thesis: Even
though fast food is readily accessible and inexpensive, it comes at a high cost
to our health as a nation.

Please structure your paper in the following manner;

A.    Introduction:  Your first page should draw in the reader to the topic.  The topic should be introduced in such a way that not only is interesting, but informs the reader of your thesis/theme and frames the controversial issue that you are addressing throughout the paper.  It must be specific and narrowed in scope and have a connection to a trend or controversy in hospitality.
B.    Discussion: The body of your paper should tell the reader what is necessary to know about the controversial topic you have chosen.  It uses your sources of research, gives a history and context for the issue you are addressing, further explains the topic, giving examples to illustrate it, and introduces what others are saying or have said with regard to it. Please make sure you have raised awareness of the subject using and persuasive sources to provide solutions and that you argue the pros and cons of the issue by using more examples both from your research and perhaps some of your own.
C.    Conclusion:  The last page of your paper should restate some of your most important paper points and where you may offer your opinion based on what you have written and the specifics that you have provided.
3. LENGTH: Your paper must be 4 full pages. This does not include the cover page or the work cited page.

4. GRADE:  This paper/presentation is worth 40% of your overall grade in this class.

5. STYLE OF PAPER/WRITING CENTER REQUIREMENT: Your paper must be MLA style format.

6. SOURCES: Please use no fewer than 1 book. The remaining sources (at least 2-3 more) may be journals, reference websites, or any other non academic type of electronic material which can be properly cited according to MLA style format.

7. PAPER TYPE: Use white paper, 8 1/2 x 11 inches. Print on single side only.

8. FORMATTING REQUIREMENTS: Please follow the following instructions;
– Cover page should have the name of the College, the research
paper title, your name, the course name and number, instructor’s
– Font: Times New Roman
– Size: 12 points
– Double space the entire research paper
– Leave one space after a period at the end of a sentence
– Margins should be 1 inch {top, bottom, left, and right}
– Place page numbers on all pages at the bottom starting after the
cover page

9. FINAL PAPER SUBMISSION: Your final paper packet is due to me on the last day of class. This paper needs to be error free. Points will be deducted if your paper has grammar, formatting, or composition errors. A presentation rubric will be given to you and will be similar to your midterm project in format. The oral presentation should be 10 minutes in length and you may use a PowerPoint format recapping your findings if you wish.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to me. ?


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