Descriptive Writing

Descriptive Writing

Writing Workshop: Descriptive Writing

You have been reading excerpts from the Anglo-Saxon epic poem Beowulf and have become familiar with its mood and language.You have learned strategies to create an overall impression and organize a description, and you have applied those strategies in the prewriting stage. In this lesson, you will draft a description that contains vivid details and grabs readers’ attention.

Before you start, note that descriptive writing is characterized by the following elements:

It follows an appropriate organizational pattern.
It contains sensory words and vivid details.
It communicates a clear overall impression.
It contains transitions that link sentences together effectively.
It grabs the readers’ attention with a strong beginning and a strong conclusion.
Essential Questions

What are the main elements of a description?
How should the material gathered during prewriting be used in the drafting stage?

Draft a descriptive essay incorporating sensory details
Identify prepositions and their function in a sentence

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