: Depression

Topic: Depression

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Cover Page :(Not included on page count)
Name, Course Number, Disability Topic, Due Date

1. Description of Disability: (Brief 1 paragraph non technical summary description of the disability which answers, “What is X?”, with source citation (s) )

[Note: The Headings and APA Format In Text Source Citations are to be Included for Each of the Requested Elements a-h. Write the HEADING and then your content below it. In text citations are to be noted at the end of the applicable content. See : APA Citations Handout from Librarian Anne Linvill. Copies on MOLE [ At least 3 different sources should be cited within the disability description a -h .

a. Incidence: Total in US & %by
Age, Gender& Ethnicity

b. Term used for Medical Diagnosis

c. Symptoms (warning signs)

d. Etiology (physical cause)

e. Pathology (what is broken)

f. Prognosis ( predicted change over time)

g. Treatment (interventions)

h. Prevention (possibility to eradicate the condition)

2. How condition substantially limits major life activities

3 .Applicable Difference Category/ies

4 .Interview of Impact , Interaction & Advice
[ State who was interviewed and provide succinct summary of the three responses.]

5 .Difference Category Chapter Question Answers (questions and answers)

6 .Abstract References
[List the sources used for the a-h content and cited in text using APA format.]

7. Annotated Resources Bibliography
2books about the disability, 2 children’s books about specific disability or general disabilities, 2 films/videos about the disability, 2 disability related advocacy organizations with purpose, services and contact information , and title and YOU TUBE website URL link for an annotated video (3-5 minute) describing the disability ( covering #1 a-h) to be shown in class . Video should be presented in a clear and interesting manner using illustrations.
for doing A to H, make sure you put the name of the heading for each.

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