Dementia and Older Adults

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Dementia and Older Adults
For this assignment, you will watch the first two cases (Bessie & Fanny) in the HBO documentary, The Memory Loss Tapes, which is the story of four people with Alzheimer’s Disease.
The web link to the video is located below:
Bessie and Fanny both have Alzheimer’s Disease – and consider functional differences between the two women.
For the assignment, please answer the following questions.
1. Both of the women have dementia. Provide a summary of how dementia has impacted the physical and social functioning for each of the women. What would you say is the MAIN ISSUE for each woman? What would be YOUR MAIN PRIORITY FOR EACH OF THE WOMEN, EVEN IF IT IS NOT THE MAIN COMPONENT/FOCUS OF YOUR PROFESSION? (Please note and respond to all of the components of this question….thanks)

2. How would a clinician or practitioner in your discipline (as Respiratory Therapist) be involved with patients/clients like Bessie and Fanny? What is the role of your discipline in providing health care for people who suffer from dementia? As we expect greater numbers of older adults who have dementia in coming decades, how can your discipline be more prepared to care for patients like Bessie and Fanny?

3. As you think about your classmates who are in other disciplines (nursing, Physical therapists (PT), Nutrition, social interaction, etc.), what are the roles that you see them playing to support older adults like Bessie and Fanny? How can your disciplines work more collaboratively to ensure an effective and comprehensive system of care for them?
With reference(s) to support/document statements??

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