Decision Making

Chapter 12: Reasoning and Decision Making

Textbook: Cognitive Psychology In & Out of the Laboratory 6th edition
Chapter 12: Reasoning and Decision making
This essay will assesses your ability to think critically about the issues discussed reading.

Paper should be 550-750 words and consist of 5 paragraph, to demonstrate your critical thinking about the content in chapter.

Paper should consist of five paragraphs in the following format:

Introduction that provides a brief summary of the chapter. Do not go into detail, but just provide enough background for the reader to understand the discussion in the rest of the essay
(two or three sentences).

After the introduction, follow this with three paragraphs that discuss three different topics of your choosing from Chapter 1.

  1. Mention the First Topic from the reading & discuss the topic in a fashion that demonstrate you have thought critically about it.
  2. Mention the Second Topic and discuss it as above.
  3. Mention the Third Topic, and discuss it as above.
  4. Conclusion that briefly summarizes your comments.(end your essay with a brief conclusion of a couple of sentences.

The textbook is the only material used. The paper should be written in the student’s words showing critical thinking by the student.

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