deception communication used in magic shows

deception communication used in magic shows

Paper details:

the is topic is deception dialogue/communication used in magic shows. Specifically how communication and deception is used in magic shows in order to trick an audience in order to pull off the perfect illusion. How do mentalists (mind readers not psychics) use communication/dialogue in order to trick an audience or laymen (audience members).
Also, include how deception has evolved throughout history in magic shows including but not limited to how deception is used by talking with audience members in oder to “trick” them using dialogue/communication in order to accomplish the illusion.

This also includes using sleight of hand techniques and gimmicks (props to help accomplish the illusion). “Strong dialogue and misdirection is required in order to amaze spectators (audience members) and present the perfect illusion.

Please also include examples of how misdirection is used in various popular magic tricks. I will include the rest after these pages are typed.

have included general information about the art of deception in order to help you, but keep in mind that this paper is about the art of deception COMMUNICATION used in magic shows towards audience members or spectators as us magicians call them.

mean how communication is used between magician and audience in order to trick the audience into believing what they are seeing is real.

Iam a mentalist (mind reader) if that helps at all. Also, please include how deception in magic shows has EVOLVED throughout history. You could also try to include how magic has evolved.

Minimum of 3 pages please and I will type the rest. I have included my phone number as well in the document provided if you need any help.

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