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Debate Motion: Government policies should not be implemented to help large families with low income.

Against Side:
Currently, there are 870 million people in the world who are suffering because of the hunger. According to World Food Programme, 98% of this group are from the developing countries that “produce most of the world’s food stocks”. All of these countries mostly share the one common issue, overpopulation. These countries suffer from poverty because there are only limited resources and food but the rapid growth of population exceeds the needs. This is why we believe the government should regulate policies to help low income individuals and families. Many people are suffering from hunger and malnutrition. As population increases, more people are having a hard time getting through the day. Economic issues have become a challenge to almost every family. People in poverty have a big impact in our economic market of supply and demand for goods. This means people are able to afford less goods. With more people in poverty, our population will start to decline due to hunger and malnutrition. As the population starts to decline, it affects our food web. With no one to turn to, people will try and lean on the government. Not everyone can lean on the government, only people with more dependents. The government doesn’t have enough of these policies to help everyone.

1. Economic: Taxes may increase as population grows, but that is the only way to help the economy as a whole. Would you guys prefer to pay no taxes, and have over half the population in economic depression, or have the population grow together as a whole?

2. In General: Is there another solution to make the people listen to the solutions to decrease population growth?
• If the government execute the policy that giving some benefits to low income families if they have one or two children. It makes the population growth are reduced.

3. Economic: The population is increasing rapidly and everyone needs money, how do you expect the people to survive when they are facing unemployment. If the government doesn’t push for these policies, the country’s situation will turn like Africa, where a majority of its population is facing hunger problems.

4. Welfare Abuse : On your policy brief, it illustrates that the government is not responsible to provide financial aid to people .We know that there is a main problem of people taking advantage of the government. But the government is responsible for all this. If the government isn’t responsible, what exactly is a use of a government who isn’t responsible for its people’s well being?

For Side:
While population will increase extremely to about 9 billion by 2050, our food supply per capita will be decreased rapidly. As a result, we will surely have a food crisis such as serious hunger due to: low productivity of agriculture, running out resources, and water pollution.According to the article, “Expanding Farmlands with Reduced Cropping,” Ravindra Krishnamurthy mention crisis will occur due to climate change. The author tells us that the amount of suitable land for food production will be very small and select (Ravindra 2014). As a result, food supply can’t rise enough to satisfy increasing population. The author focuses on negative climate change because the agriculture crisis will arise in part due to the change in our climate. Therefore, the government should not have any policies to help large families with low income based on the fact that we are not approaching a sustainable population level. As population growth is increasing rapidly, people are having serious food shortages and are running out of resources. Therefore, people should control population growth. As the government stop or do not have policies that help large families with low income, we can control the population growth. As huge populations are expected in the future, people in the world will have heightened hunger and malnutrition. Because of this, the government should take action to control population growth in their countries. The government should not have any active policies to help large families with low income. From an economic perspective, government will have many loss and a bunch of costs if they have policies for large families with low income. Besides, if families with low income become large families by having lots of babies, they could not afford to care for their children in the field of education due to expensive education fees. Thus, while governments should have policies for families with low income to make their life stable, they should not take actions to help large families with low income.

1. Economics: If government execute the policies to help large families with low income, it needs huge amounts of money. How do u handle this problem? How can government be able to fulfill the costs?
• The government collects funds in taxes. I know that people don’t want to pay taxes. But people have policies such as tax return too. This is just the way the government collects money to help the people. In the long run, the money is returning to the people. In the short run, it is helping people get through their economic crisis. Also other option we can do is getting more taxes from rich and less from the poor. The same tax rate to rich and poor and should change such as if you earn more you pay tax more.

2. In General: If government should have policies for helping large families with low income, it makes population growth faster than before. Do you have any solutions or preparation for this?

3. Welfare: How do you plan to address the cases of welfare abuse? Especially with families not reporting their incomes accurately?

4. Aid: If people need aid, why should it come from the government? The inefficiency of government welfare makes it clear that we should resort to using private charities to provide aid.
5. I don’t think that handicapping citizens by providing aid is the solution to helping people that face economic hardships. If aid is truly needed, it should be examined at a case by case basis by private charities. Otherwise, an alternative solution in terms of economics would be to raise minimum wages.

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