Death Penalty Economics

Death Penalty Economics

Paper details:
Death Penalty Economics – The debate over capital punishment also extends into multiple political realms. Explore the economic implications of the death penalty. Research the total cost involved in executing death row inmates versus the total cost spent in keeping inmates in prison for life.

Research Paper Assignment

Requirements: Minimum five (5) pages, minimum five (5) different sources, double spaced, 1.25 margins, 12 font, Times New Roman, with no more than one (1) page worth of graphs and/or pictures, etc…

Included in the minimum page requirement is the Cover Page: listing class information, your name, professor, title and a Reference Page documenting all your sources; utilize at least five (5) different sources. All sites should be cited per APA guidelines – review samples and guidelines using a search engine i.e. Google, Yahoo, etc…

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