Deaf character in film


This is an analysis on one of the character from the movie. the character has to be deaf. Meaning the your analysis should be on the deaf character/actor. i will provide a list of movies from which you will select ONE to do this on. Pick one movie and one deaf character from that movie, that is in the movie. And answer the following prompt:

“analyze the ways in which Deaf people are framed and complicated within the film. how are deaf people represented in the film, positively or negatively? how? give examples”

Before you begin the assignment please let me know which movie and which character you have selected.

Here is the list of movies to select from:
• The Silent Child
• A Quiet Place
• A Lot Like Love
• Alpine Fire
• Babel
• Barfi
• Beyond Silence
• Children of a Lesser God
• Hear No Evil
• In Her Defense
• Hush
• Mr. Holland’s Opus
• Orphan
• Read My Lips
• Sound and Fury
• Speed 2: Cruise Control
• Suspect
• Sweet Nothing in My Ear
• Switched at Birth
• The Family Stone
• The Hammer
• The Miracle Worker
• The Story of Esther Costello
• The Tribe
• There Will Be Blood

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