DB1 Week 4 SW 306

DB1 Week 4 SW 306

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Sоcіal Work Class

You’rе a socіal worker making a рresentation to state representatives to discuss the issue of affordable daycare and preschool. You need to make a case for funding
preschool for all children, but especially for children from low-income families, single parents, minorities, immigrants and other vulnerable populations. For this
discussion board make an argument for why the state should fund these programs. What are the benefits for the child and family in the short and long-term? What are the
implications for the community? What are the risks of not funding preschool for these children? Remember you need to be persuasive so use theories and data from the
book or an outside source to support your assertions. Don’t forget to cite in text and at the end of your post.

Book: Understanding Human Behavior & etc Edition: 10th CHAPTER 4

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