Days In The Lives Of Social Workers

A. After you have read Chapter 14 in Days In The Lives Of Social Workers, answer the two questions at the end of the chapter. Then answer are there areas of social work that you could “never get used to”? If so, what are they and why? If not, why?

B. After reading Chapter 4, the chapter of Advocacy in Social Work, explain the difference between case and cause advocacy. What is an area of cause advocacy you may have participated in and why did you get involved? If you have not yet participated in cause advocacy, what is an area you would be interested in and why? (I work in a level 2 NICU)

Ch. 4: Cox, L.E., Tice, C.J., & Long, D.D. (2016). Introduction to social work: An advocacy-based profession. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
Student Study Site:

Ch. 14: Grobman, L.M. (2012). Days in the lives of social workers. Harrisburg, PA: White Hat Communications

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