Database Administration

• The word final containing group members details, answers to the descriptive questions and screen shots of the programming tasks should then be


Task-1 Suppose you are given the task to create roles and assign users to them for Sohar college. Write a detailed description with examples on the roles, their privileges and users.
Task-2 Create the following tables in SQL and populate them with the data of all group members for this semester. You need to show both the SQL queries and the populated tables. Please make sure to apply various constraints that are applicable.
Student_ID Name Age Address

Course_Code Course_Name Units Instructor


Student_ID Course_Code

Task-3 Install Oracle on your computer (You need not to reinstall if you have already installed it. In that case, just provide the screen shot of running Oracle )

Task-4 Login to Oracle with system/123

Task-5 Create the following users

 User Name   Password 

User 1 uID1 First Name
User 2 uID2 First Name
User 3 uID3 First Name
User 4 uID4 First Name

*where ID1 is the student ID for the first student of the group, ID2 is the student ID for second student and so on

Task-6 Create the following three roles and give them permissions according to the description
Category1 can only retrieve data from STUDENTS table
Category2 can insert and delete data from STUDENTS and COURSES tables
Category3 have all privileges for both STUDENTS and COURSES table
Task-7 Assign the created roles as follows
Category1 to User 1
Category2 to User 2
Category3 to User 3 and User 4
Note: User 1, User 2, User 3 and User 4 have to be the same as that of task 5

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