Data Structures and Algorithms Assignment 3

Data Structures and Algorithms Assignment 3

Order Description

You must write a report about commentary of 2000 words which describes:
• A brief description of your project/solution
• Your experience of programing
• The problems you faced
• How you solved them
• Alternative technical solutions
• Ideas for further development
You should submit:
• Your commentary from your own point of view you must write it as a report. In the report you should include a cover page, contents page, Abstract/Summary,

Introduction, Main Body, Conclusion, and References/Bibliography.
• The report should be based on the program created in order number 81338886.
• You need to keep the English language basic throughout the Microsoft Word document it should be for the whole report so I can understand it more easily use basic

English and words so I can understand it more easily you need to keep the reader more interested by making them read the report into it so make it interesting for the

reader. Keep the spelling and grammar consistent make sure everything is correct.
• Report structure and overall impression of being a well-produced document – 10%
• In your assignment submission, you should include a description of your project and how it demonstrates the above. Also in your consideration of alternative

solutions, you should show an awareness of the different ways in which data structures might be created and manipulated. You need to write about everything what you

are going to do, and why. What matters is your understanding. It is very important that you UNDERSTAND what you are doing? Write about everything you do, and talk

about tree data structures and recursion in your report. Write down in the document everything you do. Need to know how you are thinking? I need to know how you

understand and what you are doing. How you understand what is going on? Type it all MS Word document. You need to talk about tree data structures, and about recursion,

in your report. Those are the two key concepts to cover. It is all about handling data – mobile is not to do with the interface, the phone, it is about the data. It is

handling the data that will pass the assignment. To increase your marks, write about your struggles with the code. Say what you thought about it and had difficulties

with this programming assignment. Show your thinking, and how you are dealing with Java (things you could not get to work, what you tried, etc.). It is also about

spelling and grammar – it is sense that matters and your thinking.


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