Data Ethics

Case Study
Jane’s type of tumor proves to be complex and rarely seen. It would be a good addition to the teaching files
used for radiology residents and might be useful for training the new augmented intelligence model that the
bioinformatics group is building. The Institutional Review Board (IRB) needs to be appraised of this idea and
how it may impact direct care as well as clinical decision making.
Questions for Consideration

  1. What are the competing goods that are in play?
  2. What are two risks that patients face in regards to their data privacy?
    Pick four parts of the IEEE document ( and/or the
    PCOR document (
    02/PCOR%20Architecture_Chapter%201_S_ONC%20FINAL.pdf) to write a two-page End User Agreement
    (EUA) to would be submitted to an IRB for approval. The goal of the document is communicating to patients
    what is potentially being done with their data. Write a one page response from the IRB that addresses at least
    one part of the EUA and include discussion of one extra point not mentioned in the paper but that could be of
    concern to patients.
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