Data and Questions analysis.



You are hired by a boutique consulting firm that specializes in electronics entertainment. For your first client, you get a belligerent new CEO of a videogame startup. He’s a bit incompetent but you can’t tell him that. He asks you the following questions based on the history of videogames:

1) What factors are important to global game sales? Develop a mental model and your expectations? Test this model using the data. Explain your results. [Global Game sales as DV]

2) What game rating should we target to make the most money? [Code the ratings into ordinal numbers for analysis, use that as DV. Use everything in the first model as IV and Global sales.] Explain your results. Make a recommendation.

The CEO sees your report and starts yelling at you being wrong and not knowing anything, that the data you used was too old. He wants to make a hyper-violent shooter because that’s what he sees in commercials all the time when he turns on TV.
3) If you limit your modeling only to the last 10 years, what are the results? How did they differ from your original analysis? [filter out everything before 2007] Explain.


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