data analysis – marketing

data analysis – marketing

Data analysis (500-1000 words)
Due date: 06-Oct-2015 01:30 PM AEST

Assessment 3
Launch Assessment 3 details, opens as Adobe Acrobat pdf file.Do not submit more than 25 pages. Use Font 12, Times New Roman and single spacing throughout the assignment. There should be no appendices attached and all tables and figures should appear in your body text. Please note that for Q4, you have do to the analysis for ‘Items’ not ‘Indices’ (as per course profile).
Use and gratifications of Facebook questionnaire. With thanks to Sergeant, S. 2014, The inpact of personal identity and intimacy on the use of social media. Masters thesis. QUT, Brisbane.
Hou’s paper
Launch Grat.sav data file, opens in SPSS software.
Tips for Assessment 3
-Make sure you have practised the tute activities on the “Weekly tutorial activities’ from Weeks 5-11 before you attempt Assessment 3.
-You should buy the SPSS software ( or from or from the CQU bookshop
-or go to a campus lab with SPSS to do Assessment 3.
-or download a version for trial from

– or download the PSPP alternative free statistical analysis software at your own risk from . For more info, pl have a look at some youtube videos on PSPP.
Bill, a student at University is doing a research on Facebook and its uses and gratifications for university students. He wants to do an online survey with students from most Australian universities to have a representative sample of the population. You can check the following reference for more information about the topic:
Hou, J. 2011, ‘Uses and Gratifications of Social Games: Blending Social Networking and Game Play’ First Monday, Vol. 16, no.7.

Bill has been able to gather data from 50 students so far in the SPSS datafile GRAT.sav
You are required to answer the following questions using his datafile:
1. For each of the variables, say which ones are nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio scales.
2. Perform the appropriate descriptive analysis with SPSS on all the questions of the questionnaire. You should analyse the data using the SPSS software.
3. Help Bill analyse the relationship between the social gratification indices and
a. number of times respondents log onto Facebook
b. number of minutes spent on Facebook
c. gender
d. age
e. employment status and
f. relationship status.
4. Perform a reliability analysis of the social gratification indices
5. Analyse the correlation among the social gratification indices.
6. What would be the marketing implications for advertisers on Facebook resulting from Bill’s findings to the above questions?
A report format is required for this assignment and structure and presentation will count. A title page, executive summary, table of contents, body (introduction, identification of scales used in the questionnaire, answering of all the questions, displaying and commenting on tables and figures and conclusion) are required for this assessment. Please use Font 12, Times New Roman, single spacing and a maximum of 25 pages is to be submitted for this assessment. It should include relevant SPSS tables and figures into a single file.

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