Dasani’s Homeless Life.”


“Invisible Child: Girl in the Shadows: Dasani’s Homeless Life.”


assignment asks students to apply core concepts of systems theory to the case of an individual child The “Applying a Systems Lens: The Case of Dasani” assignment
supports the course objectives listed below: Demonstrate critical thinking skills, using theory as a lens, to understand human development and human behavior FORMAT
Read the entire newsmagazine article, “Invisible Child: Girl in the Shadows: Dasani’s Homeless Life.” Available in Lesson 7 in Blackboard. After reading this article
and discussing it in class, use the systems diagram template to map specific examples of each of the institutions that Dasani interacted with and was impacted by at
each level of system. After you have completed the diagram, please provide a 1-2 paragraph rationale for the specific aspects of your diagram, discussing the extent to
which you believe that systems theory can help us understand Dasani’s experience.


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