Dasani Bottled Water targeted to children below 10 years

This essay is a group project, and my part is just will be what I’ll mention down, so please don’t write as a complete essay..
our project is about selecting a product which people are not focusing and paying attention on it ( the company doesn’t position their product well ) although it is an important product and we need to reposition it ” dasani Bottled Water targeted to children below 10 years (and parents) ”

How is your product currently positioned in consumers’ minds, i.e. how they currently view it, and how you would like them to view it? This change may involve a change in the target market, and/or a change in the marketing mix.You need to justify why you intend to reposition the product.
The deliverable for this phase is a two-to-three-pages description of the specific product or service and product category the group has chosen to focus on, a one to two sentence statement as to how the group plans to reposition it, (from what to what).

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