Cyberbullying/face to cace in adolescence

Cyberbullying/face to cace in adolescence

This paper is about cyberbullying/face to face in adolescence and how Facebook contributes to that. Must be a good intro explaining my topic and why it’s important.

Break the paper into 5 different parts= 1st, title page. 2nd  title again,

first paragraph of your paper, introduce your readers about the topics and why it’s interesting and important to study this. Not cite any of your empirical articles in this paragraph. Statistical then yes and go to end the paragraph with a statement or question with something we do not know in the literature.

Thing you highlight at the end is something you have to talk to for the rest of your paper.

3rd paragraph is main text of your essay. Citing all those articles I found.

4th is last paragraph of your paper, here you briefly go over the important things of your research that you told your reader, briefly highlight everything. Review what we know and then what we should look for, or what we should do next. Last paragraph is the reference section. Different page

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