Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

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The referral assignment components
Write a 3000 word report, which applies relationship marketing theory to address a problem, opportunity or other issue in an organisation of your choice. This may be a reworking of your original submission, or a completely new piece of work. You must also submit a reflective statement of no more than 500 words, explaining how you have responded to the marker’s feedback on your original submission.
There are two assessed items for submission:
1. A 500 word reflective statement that accounts for 10% of the marks in this module
2. A 3000 word report that accounts for 90% of the marks in this module
Submission Deadlines
• Your report and reflective statement should be submitted by 2pm Tuesday, 14th July 2015. This assessment should be submitted electronically via Blackboard in MS Word format.

The following information is standard across all coursework:
• It is your responsibility to submit coursework in the format stipulated by your tutor. For this assignment, it is a Microsoft Word file attachment with a .doc or .docx file extension.
• Your marks will be affected if your tutor cannot open or properly view your submission (for example, if you did not follow instructions on acceptable file formats).
• Each upload attempt must contain the complete coursework submission. If you need to submit multiple files, make sure all files are attached to each submission you make.
• Your tutor will only have access to your most recent submission and the file(s) attached to this submission.
• You can submit as many times as you like, up to end of the 24-hour late submission period; only the last successful submission will be marked. If your last successful submission is made in the 24-hour late work submission window, your submission will be classed as late, even if you have made previous submissions prior to the deadline.
• Do not leave submission to the very last minute. Always allow time for technical issues.
• The date and time of your submission is taken from the Blackboard server and is recorded when your submission is complete, not when you click Submit.

Overall Objectives
The assessment is designed to enable students to demonstrate the ability to:
1. Analyse a real business situation
2. Apply relevant academic concepts to the real world situation
3. Reach justifiable conclusions about the real world situation on the basis of analysis and application of relevant academic concepts
4. Make recommendations which follow logically from the analysis application and conclusions reached
5. Communicate effectively through a written report
6. Assimilate information from a range of sources

More specifically, it is intended to assess a range of learning outcomes. These are set out in more detail in the module guide.
Areas to be covered in the reflective statement
The reflective statement should identify the key points of feedback given by the marker of the original assignment, and identify how the assignment has been changed to address this feedback. Where a completely new company or relationship issue has been chosen, the statement should explain the rationale for this decision.
Assessment criteria for the reflective statement
The reflective statements will be assessed on the extent to which they show the ability to:
1. Analyse the feedback given by the marker of the original submission
2. Critically evaluate the original submission in the light of this feedback
3. Identify the changes that have been made to the original assignment
4. Explain how these changes relate to the feedback given by the marker of the original submission
Areas to be covered in the assessed report
Each individual report is likely be very different, reflecting the potential variety of topics considered and the parts of the literature which are most relevant to understanding and improving your organisation. This makes it difficult to specify particular headings for the reports in advance. However, each assignment is likely to adopt a process of problem identification, analysis and diagnosis, culminating in a set of recommendations for improving the situation.
Consequently, it is suggested that most students cover the following elements in their reports:
• Description of the organisation and important contextual information
• Identification of the customer relationship management issue and a justification of its importance
• A literature review outlining the theoretical approach to defining and addressing the management issue
• Recommendations

Assessment criteria for the report
1. Clearly identify one or more issues of importance to the organisation in its customer relationship management and justify its importance.
2. Demonstrate use of relevant module concepts in the analysis and diagnosis of the situation and in deriving plans for the organisation.
The measure of this will be your clear and widespread reference to published sources. Sources that are most relevant and credible will lend greatest weight to argument. Credibility is most readily demonstrated by the use of peer-reviewed sources such as academic journal articles.
3. Analyse the issue(s) using relationship marketing theory, so that the organisation’s understanding of it/them is enhanced. This will provide a clear indication of your intellectual abilities, notably your ability to analyse a situation, critically evaluate sources of information, and come to justifiable conclusions.
4. Produce clear recommendations for the organisation in how to deal with the relationship management issue based upon the treatment. Recommendations should be clearly derived from the treatment you’ve made. Where there are resource implications of the recommendations or specific activities that need to be undertaken as part of them, you should consider these as well.
5. Present an integrated, structured, well-written and grammatically correct report. This is about being more than just cosmetically pleasing. Your report should clearly show the progression of the thought throughout and ensure that arguments are internally consistent. The integration of tasks will be evident in the extent to which the research activity is appropriate for the strategic issues, and the conclusions and recommendations derive from the treatment — essentially how well it all hangs together.

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