Custom fitness, rehab, or athletics program for a client



Access your IDEA account and develop a custom fitness rehab, or athletics program for a client. This must be a client. It cannot be the self, a close friend, spouse, etc. This is a professional portfolio assignment. The client can be mock if you do not have someone in mind. However, I strongly recommend securing an outside person and working from there. It will be benefit your professional development.
1. State your client. Include a brief description of the client to address relative variables – why you are choosing the program based on that client.
2. State two measurable, specific , realistic, and attainable goals – these must be stated using numbers (no weight loss!). These must be functional goals per strength, flexibility, functionality, etc.
NOTE: Items #1 and #2 will be in a WORD document and attached with the submission.
3. Build your exercise program around muscles, not body parts. We must work with muscles. We are beyond ‘body parts’.
4. For each goal choose six to eight exercises that directly correspond to the end goal(s). Stick with the IDEA Health 8. Fitness and the EXOS tab (no Youtube or TRX please). No pre-made workouts either. If an exercise that you want to use is not present you may make your own YouTube video and add it to your account. The capability is in the Ideafit tool.
5. Define the sets, reps, weight, distance (if applicable), speed (if applicable), and intensity for each exercise. Post any comments.


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