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Cultural Profile

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Cultural Profile (Due Week 3)
You have been tasked to coordinate a multi-national meeting for your company, Turbine Energy International, with business entities from South Korea and Greece. The purpose of the meeting is to explore creating a partnership with the other two companies – the joint venture would install offshore wind turbines in the Sea of Japan and Mediterranean and supply energy to coastal South Korea and Grecian communities. Under the partnership, Turbine Energy would construct the facilities and the respective South Korean and Greek firms would operate them. The purpose of the meeting, scheduled over a three-day period, is to carve out the details.

A dozen business men and women from each of the three firms [executives and technical staff] will attend. The agenda will include general meetings, breakout sessions as well as a number of social events – luncheons, dinners. As coordinator, your task is to develop protocol guidance for your Turbine Energy representatives when interacting with the foreign guests – such matters as business dress, table manners, general meeting conduct, and negotiation style.

Browse through the information about the two countries and their business practices contained in the following links:

•Executive Planet
•Culture Crossing
Your assignment is to write a 400-500 word document containing a profile on South Korea and Greece. Use the information from the sources provided and develop the protocol guidelines you consider important to a successful meeting.

The Multi-Cultural Protocol Rubic will be used to grade your assignment.

Submit a document containing your profile and protocol guidelines as an attachment utilizing the Cultural Profile link above. Include your surname and title of the assignment in the document name (e.g., surname_CulturalProfile).

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