Cultural Anthropology

Cultural Anthropology:

Paper instructions:
this is the question:( you just need to answer one by one as follow)
1.    Why would we not want to use modern food foragers as good examples of the way ancient foragers might have lived? Provide several reasons here.
2.    Compare and contrast food foraging with pastoral life patterns. Name one specific example of a food foraging culture and one of a pastoral culture. (This is another one of those questions that lends itself well to the “chart” method of answering.)
3.    What specifically distinguishes horticulturalists from agriculturalists, particularly in terms of intent, scale, and technology employed by each? Excluding the Hopi, name one specific horticultural society and one specific agricultural society, either from the text or DVDs. What do studies of Hopi cultivation techniques reveal about the distinction (or lack of distinction) between agriculture and horticulture?
4.    Discuss what is meant by cultural adaptation. Give one example.

and here is the requirement:
1.    Student uses facts and evidence to present a coherent answer. 2. Student uses examples from the textbook, and secondly draws on the Instructor lecture, and/or DVD. 3. Student demonstrates strong understanding of anthropological terms and concepts. 4. Student puts most information in own words in order to illustrate their understanding. 5. Student uses direct quotes sparingly. Student integrates direct quote only to support evidence and illustrate their understanding. 6. Student uses specific cultural examples–when asked– to illustrate their understanding. 7. Student is concise. 8. Student answers each aspect of this question completely. 9. Student avoids ethnocentrism and judgment of other cultures by showing compassion for others’ way of living. 10. Student cites all information using MLA in the text, especially page numbers from the textbook. 11. Correct use of grammar. College-level grammar.

and you should read the book-Cultural Anthropology: The Human Challenge at first!


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