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This essay is an extension to the prposal submitted earlier (attached file) and now needs to be expanded to cover the details as per below.

1) Demonstrate a good command of the theoretical frame work
2) Critically analyze a case with the help of theory while using its concepts and logic
3) Demonstrate the utility (and possible limits) of theory
4) Consider theory in light of rival explanations
5) Marshal the necessary empirical evidence to support analysis, findings and conclusions
6) Present logically coherent conclusions that fit the analysis and discuss the potential benefit from the insight gained.

• A title that captures the essence of the work rather than providing crude provocation or showing off.
• Introduction
(~350 words): a presentation of the issue and puzzle, the
theoretical context, the general line of reasoning,and the structure of the essay.
• A few main sections each with a title of choice that concisely reflects the
content (about 2 to 5 sections, all in all some 2,000-2,500 words). Each section should discuss part of the leading thesis; theoretically, empirically, or in combination. Each section should be guided by clear and distinct set of concepts, arguments, and logic. Finally, each should also reflect, in your own words, your interpretation, application, and insight concerning the theory and its relationship with the data.

•Conclusion (~350 words): should include the findings in a ‘nutshell’ (a brief overview of the most important points of the essay), the gained insight, and the potential gain for further/future research.
• The research proposal must be fully referenced. If
you are unfamiliar with the footnote style of documenting your essay,
as a style guide.
• The research proposal must be typed and double-spaced.

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