CT Science and Principles

CT Science and Principles

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CT Science and Principles
Coursework 2015-16
Word limit: 3,000 words ± 10% (maximum 3,300 words)

Essay title:

With reference to the scientific principles and technical development of computed tomography (CT), discuss the relationships and “trade-offs” that exist between image quality and ionizing radiation dose to patients.
Learning outcomes:

Knowledge and Understanding

Successful students will typically . .
1. demonstrate a critical awareness of the historical background to and current status of the science and technology of CT
2. have a comprehensive understanding of the factors, procedures and guidance which govern safe practice, clinical care and image quality optimisation in CT
3. understand the complex relationships between human tissue type, scan parameters and image appearances in CT

Skills and Attributes

Successful students will typically . . .
4. flexibly and creatively apply science principles in order to enhance CT scan quality, patient safety and clinical diagnosis
5. independently evaluate CT scanning techniques and resultant images, in order to generate transformative solutions to clinical problems


You will need to read widely and to reference your essay fully. See the School guidelines to referencing 2015/16. You should refer to up-to- date journal articles as well as textbooks. Reliable internet sources may be used. Use a reference list. A bibliography is not needed. There are no word count penalties for images or diagrams. You are advised to use CT images to illustrate your assignment.

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