You are preparing a report for your fund managers that is interested in cryptocurrencies. They know about
this area from media reports and communications with other traders but do not have the time to research
this aspect of the digital economy. Currently you are trading currency futures and there is talk about trading
other forms of currency.
The brief you have been given is to bring yourself up to speed, with this asset and develop a report for your
Line manager. Once this report has been accepted (line manager) you may be required to further analyse this
area of the digital economy.
Please note your Line manager has requested that you present your report with images etc and try to reduce
the need for technical jargon. You yourself know that this may not be entirely possible.
Some of the areas that you will research and report on are:
What is cryptocurrency?
Brief history
What is the difference to digital cash?
Security and legal ramifications?
What is a blockchain?
What is mining?
You have heard of bitcoin, but what else is there?
What are the transaction properties?
Can it be traded and how do you obtain cryptocurrency?
Can it be utilised for buying goods and services?
What are the rules if any?
What are the technological possibilities?
What is the future for cryptocurrency?
Your recommendation/s
Areas for further research

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