Cross Cultural Encounter in History

Order DescriptionWrite a report (8-10 pages) in which you discuss the following themes and concepts with reference to your chosen location: cultural hybridization, stereotyping and the politics of cross-cultural and intercultural encounters. You may wish to employ additional concepts and theories.
1) Cultural Hybridization:
Cultural hybridization is an offshoot of the interaction between two cultural groups, the blending of elements from different cultures. The United States of America is a classic example of cultural hybridization. It has a variety of different cultures living closely to each other. Languages, traditions, religions, ethnicities, daily practices, etc. are constantly changing, mixing and adapting and cultural hybridization can be observed in almost every aspect of daily life.
2) Stereotyping:
Stereotyping can be understood as the practice of signifying and assigning certain groups of people with simplified, reductive and/or general characteristics.

3) Politics of cross-cultural and intercultural encounters:
– Research into cross-cultural and intercultural encounters has taken place throughout history in most parts of the world. They involve contacts and interactions of various types, whether peaceful or violent, between people from different backgrounds.

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